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How to delete your personal data

You can ask Sweetnote to delete any personal data we hold about you. Please bear in mind that deleting any of your login details will cause your account to cease to function

Requesting deletion of your data

It is simple to make a request to us - just follow the steps below

Contact us

Please email us at with full details of your request


Please be specific about which data you would like deleted. We will not delete your login details unless specifically requested.

Time scale

Please give us a preferred time scale. We will always endeavour to process your request as soon as possible in any event

Check back

Please supply an email address so we can confirm your data is deleted. If you do not wish to supply an address, please check back to make sure you are happy.

When you sign up to Sweetnote, we collect a small amount of data so that the app can operate properly for you.

We retain as little information about you as possible. Retained information includes your name, email address, date of birth and gender. These are required for account access, communication and safeguarding purposes. 

Other data held within the app, such as which instruments you play/teach, can be changed by you at any time. 

We will not pass or sell your data to third parties unless required to do so by law.

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