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Richard Mander
Sweetnote's founder

Richard is a musician, music teacher and parent of two daughters learning instruments. Each of these diverse  perspectives have been (and continue to be) significant in the development of Sweetnote's apps, which are designed to improve the experience of learning from the point of view of teachers, students and parents alike.

A Graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, Richard has worked for many years as a church musician, composer, arranger and accompanist. He continues to learn, study and perform music as well as teaching organ. 


He was also for 28 years an underwriter in the Lloyd's of London insurance market. The unique face-to-face trading environment has given him a fantastic insight into dealing with people. And as a manager he understands how to motivate, incentivise and nurture talent. 

Richard founded Sweetnote Music Services in 2020 to help music teachers, students and parents get the most out of a considerable investment.


Sweetnote's revolutionary apps are the culmination of decades of music practice and development of techniques.

But most of all, Richard founded Sweetnote to help students to enjoy learning their instrument, by increasing their rate of o

progress through more effective practice.

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