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Sweetnote is absolutely committed to the safe use of our Apps.


Safeguarding has been our number one priority during the design and implementation of the Sweetnote Apps. 

In particular, we have built in the following safeguarding features:

  • Automated email sent to the account holder whenever there is any message activity between teacher and student

  • Ability to switch off the messaging system in the student app

  • Face ID or Fingerprint ID required to change profile settings in the student app

  • The messaging system is 'one to one' only - no group chats are possible, and the only connection is between teacher and student

  • No ability to search for other teachers or students within the messaging system

  • All video, audio, text and photo messages are stored on Sweetnote's server and can be retrieved by Sweetnote

Every single feature, update, enhancement and design of the Sweetnote apps has Safeguarding at it's core.

Please refer also to our Disclaimers

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