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The Sweetnote Way

Here at Sweetnote, we have a three-step mantra for accelerating learning of musical instruments:

  1. Make it easy

  2. Take it Easy

  3. Enjoy!

Make it Easy

Start with something you can do easily – even if it is just a single note.

Build from there, adding small chunks at a time. Again, perhaps just a single note or bar

Gradually build your knowledge of the piece, always adding to what you know to make it as easy as possible

Take it easy

Always practice at a speed you can easily play the section you are working on, without hesitation

You won’t need to think about speeding up, that will happen as you get to know it better

Use the metronome feature to help you keep steady and at the right speed for you

Apply this discipline and see immediate results in how quickly you learn new music


Practice can be fun.

Make it Easy and Take it Easy help you to enjoy your practice by helping you to achieve fast results

Don’t be inhibited – have a go at improvising and don’t be afraid to try playing the sections you’re working on up to speed

Share your playing with others via video or audio recordings

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